04 Jun 2021

Now that we are getting used to being back and training as a club on a regular basis, you might be thinking again of turning up proudly wearing our club logo.

We changed our club gear provider not long before lockdown struck so you may not be familiar with the new process.

In essence you can now order gear as and when you want it, no longer having to wait for an collective club order. The clothing etc remains at a very high quality and although there is currently no opportunity to try on sample sizes, the new website has very detailed and accurate clothing size information. As the clothing etc is all branded, the company cannot accept returns but with the proven quality and the accurate sizing information this should not prove to be an issue.

If you are interested in browsing what's on offer, you can follow this link: Club Shop

The club shop links are also available direct from our SwimClubManager site and from the SwimClubManager app.

As always, any queries, drop us a line at lascdigital@gmail.com

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